• Evie

    Full Circle Productions

    Director: Dominic Brunt/Jamie Lundy

    Producer: Joanne Mitchell-Brunt

  • The Last Witness

    Vicarious Dreams/Film Polska

    Director: Piotr Szkopiak

    Producer: Carol Harding

  • City Slacker

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    Director: James Larkin

    Producer: Michael Mueller

  • The Banishing (2nd Unit)

    WE Banishing Ltd

    Director: Chris Smith

    Producer: Laurie Cook

  • If Only (Additional Photography)

    Escima Films

    Director: Maria Ripoll

    Producer: Juan Gordon

  • Kangaroo Palace (2nd Unit)

    Artist Services PTY

    Director: Robert Marchand

    Producer: Ewan Burnett

  • Unsaid Stories


    Director: Francis Annan

    Producer: Carol Harding

  • Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle (4 episodes)


    Director: Christiana Ebohon-Green, Destiny Ekaragha

    Producer: Carol Harding

  • Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators (2 episodes)


    Director: Ian Barber

    Producer Ella Kelly

  • Justice

    BBC 1

    Director: Noreen Kershaw

    Producer: Colin McKeown

  • Shameless series 8


    Producer/Director: Lawrence Till

  • Johnny Shakespeare – Afternoon Play


    Writer/Director: Jim Cartwright

    Producer: Ben Bickerton

  • 32 Brinkburn Street (2nd Unit)


    Director: Daniel Wilson

    Producer: Erika Hossington

  • Casualty (7 episodes)

    BBC 1

    Director: Rupert Such, Nic Phillips, Piotr Szkopiak

    Producer: Loretta Preece, Rob Warr, Jo Johnson

  • Your Mother Should Know – Afternoon Play


    Director: Ian Barber

    Producer: Sam Hill

  • Doctors – Master of the Universe (5 part story)


    Director: Ian Barber

    Producer: Ella Kelly

  • Brief Encounters – Small Things


    Director: Vesna Cudjic

    Producer: Sam Hill

  • Brief Encounters – Life’s Like That


    Director: Derek Boyes

    Producer: Sam Hill

  • Emmerdale (150 episodes)


    Director: Tim O’Mara, Tracey Rooney, Duncan Foster

    Producer: Kathleen Beedles, Stuart Blackburn

  • Doctors (458 episodes)


    Director: Ian Barber, James Larkin, Piotr Szkopiak, Dominic Keavey

    Producer: Carol Harding, Jonathan Phillips Ella Kelly, Mike Hobson

  • Coronation Street (5 episodes)


    Director: Tim O'Mara

    Producer: Steve Frost

  • Hollyoaks (6 episodes)


    Director: Jill Robertson, Shani Grewal, Jim Loach

    Producer: Jo Hallowes

  • Brookside


    Director: Alan Grint

    Producer: Phil Redmond

  • Museum of Memory


    Director: John Maybury

    Producer: Keith Griffiths

  • Red Dwarf series 7 & 8 (Cam. Op.)


    Director: Ed Bye

    Producer: Doug Naylor

  • 2 Point 4 Children (2nd Unit)


    Director: Nick Wood

    Producer: Rosemary McGowan

  • The Detectives series 5(Cam. Op.)


    Director: Ed Bye

    Producer: Nic Phillips

  • The Outing

    Hidden Door Productions

    Director: Joanne Mitchell

    Producer: Karen Newman

  • Pace

    Greengate Productions

    Director: Danny Miller

    Producer: Daniel Jillings/Simon Lennon

  • For The Love of Eli

    Standing Fish Films

    Director: Matt Chambers

    Producer: David Sturzaker

  • Doris The Builder

    ScreenWest Midlands

    Director: Alice Troughton

    Producer: Natasha Carlish

  • Squeeze The Tip

    Cling Films Ltd

    Director: Steve Lunnon

    Producer: Edward Ames

  • Fistful of Pizza

    D.J. Productions

    Producer/Director: David Johnson

  • The Colour of Funny

    J.C. Productions

    Director: Barrie Hemsley

    Producer: Jimmy Carr

  • Alone

    Paragraph International

    Producer/Director: Barrie Hemsley

  • Frenchgate New Look

    Elastic Films

    Producer/Director David Bell

  • Puma Great North Run

    Elastic Films

    Director: David Bell

    Producer: Helen Bell

  • Think Krill

    Elastic Films

    Director: David Bell

    Producer: Helen Bell

  • Frenchgate Christmas

    Elastic Films

    Producer/Director: David Bell

  • The Priests Christmas CD

    Syco/JJ Stereo

    Director: James Larkin

    Producer: Amy James

  • National TV Awards

    ITV Promo Unit

    Director: Paul Cole

    Producer: Anna Waldeck-Evans

  • The Vault

    ITV Promo Unit

    Director: Paul Cole

    Producer: Anna Waldeck-Evans

  • Lads Army

    ITV Promo Unit

    Director: Paul Cole

    Producer: Anna Waldeck-Evans

  • Drunk & Dangerous - Policing Christmas


  • Year One Portrait of Britain

    Illuminations TV/CH4

  • The Met


  • The Dallas Years

    Illuminations TV/CH4

  • Police Dog Academy


  • Dope Sheet – Series II

    Illuminations TV/CH4

  • Generation X

    Kudos Productions/Carlton TV

  • Puzzles of the Past

    Clark TV/Discovery Channel

  • Vintage Morris – The Life of Johnny Morris

    Icon Films/HTV

  • Off Limits II –

    Talking About Drugs

    Double Exposure/CH4

  • In Time of War (Cam. Op)

    Double Exposure/CH4

  • Distant Echos – Bushmen of the Kalahari

    Skyline Film and TV/CH4

  • The Real World


  • Freak Out Series 1

    Rapido TV/CH4

  • Unzipped With Graham Norton

    Rapido TV/CH4

  • Heaven & Earth Show


  • Looking Good


  • Potamus Park

    Zoo Gang/Carlton

  • This is Your Life

    Thames TV/BBC1

  • This Morning

    Granada TV

  • Essential Poems For Britain

    Talkback Productions/BBC2

  • The Pepsi Chart Show

    Channel 5

  • CD UK


  • Alternative Eurovision


  • Documentary Camera Assistant

    On productions such as The South Bank Show and Everyman.

  • Clapper/Loader

    On numerous commercials and music videos.

  • Focus Puller

    On commercials and dramas such as The Detectives, Chef, and The Woman in White.