Edward Ames Cinematographer



Edward began his career in the film and television industry as a Documentary Camera Assistant working predominantly on film, then progressed through the ranks as Clapper Loader, Focus Puller, Camera Operator to Cinematographer.

He has spent the past 20 years honing his craft as a Cinematographer almost exclusively in films and television drama.

His first feature film, CITY SLACKER starring Tom Conti, won Best Film at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival in 2013.

His second feature film, THE LAST WITNESS, had its world premiere on 11 May 2018 in Poland. It premiered in the US on 29 May and in the UK on 17 August 2018.

Edward won the Best Cinematography Award for THE LAST WITNESS at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in October 2018, the European Cinematography Awards in February 2019, the New York City international Film Festival (NYCIFF) in March 2019, the Nightlight Impact Awards in May 2019 and the Vegas Awards in June 2019.

His latest film, the supernatural thriller, EVIE (evil has a new name) had its World Premiere on 29 August 2021 in London. For this film Edward went onto win Best  Cinematography at the Berlin International Art Film Festival and the Toronto Film Magazine  Festival in December 2021 and the Roma Short Film Festival in January 2022. 

He has recently completed shooting 3 seasons back to back of WATERLOO  ROAD for Warner Bros Television. The first and second seasons are currently available to view on the BBC  IPlayer.